FRĒ Wholesale White Nicotine Pouches

Americans have been yearning for quality alternative nicotine products without drawbacks, and it’s finally here.

If you are interested in carrying FRĒ products in your retail store or distribution channel, please fill out the form below and a FRĒ representative will contact you within one business day. You may also contact your National Tobacco Representative or local wholesaler for more information.

Interested in carrying FRĒ Pouch nicotine pouches for your retail or distribution channel? In addition to offering our products for individual use, we also provide wholesale white nicotine pouches for all your business needs. If you’re looking to expand on your current product line-up, FRĒ Pouch offers a full range of high impact nicotine pouches for purchase at competitive wholesale prices. Leave category cannibalization in the past. Let Zyn, Rouge, ON and Velo battle out the 3 and 6mg strengths.  FRĒ’s nicotine strengths range from 3mg’s all the way up to 15mg’s, so you are able to actually expand your customer base. 

Buy our wholesale nicotine pouches and give your customers the satisfaction of our high-impact strength.

Nicotine pouches for businesses & distributors 

Cater to the growing market of traditional tobacco alternatives and capture new demographics with FRĒ Pouch products. As a rapidly growing nicotine pouch brands in the US, our products provide variety for people who are simply looking to get a bold dose of flavor without smoke and mess. Whether you’re an online retailer, local business owner, or distributor, our wholesale nicotine pouches are the perfect addition to your product line.

Arriving in compact, convenient and visually appealing packaging, each can of FRĒ contains 20 nicotine pouches for the traditional user, which is 25% more pouches than the leading brand on the market. Discover our full range of nicotine pouches on our online store and find out why so many Americans value the variety that FRĒ offers.

If you’re looking for unique products to cater to a wider demographic, our team can help you select specific SKU'S and quantities of our wholesale nicotine white pouches that align with your sales objectives.

Available in a range of strengths and formulas

Buy FRĒ wholesale nicotine white pouches in five strengths – 3mg, 6mg, 9mg, 12 mg and 15mg.

Depending on the user’s tolerance levels to nicotine and their desired effect from the nicotine pouch, you may want to stock several different strengths in your store. When you buy wholesale nicotine pouches for your business from FRĒ, you can easily order a range of strengths to cater to customers of different preferences. If you find certain strengths more popular amongst the demographic that shops from your store, order more of those in the future!

FRĒ offers more than just high strength, it offer flavor and lifestyle. All of our white nicotine pouches are bursting with power - this is one of the main reasons so many Americans are starting to turn towards our nicotine pouches rather than smoking or other traditional tobacco nicotine sources. FRĒ offers the above strengths in a wide range of formulas, including classic Wintergreen, Mint, tropical Lush, and Sweet. Again, depending on the preferences of the customers in your area, certain flavors may be more popular than others.

Buy wholesale nicotine pouches from FRĒ online today

All of our wholesale white nicotine pouches ship from our facility in Louisville, Kentucky, and as of now, we only provide shipping to the USA. If you’re interested in purchasing our products for your retail location or online business, fill out the form above and our sales team members will be in contact with you shortly. 

You can also contact your National Tobacco Representative or local wholesaler for more information on carrying FRĒ products.

Have any further questions or inquiries?

If you have any questions about FRĒ as a non-tobacco nicotine pouch distributor or want more information about how we operate as wholesalers, call us at (502) 774-9207 or email and we will be happy to help. We look forward to working with you!