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WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Zero-Tobacco Nicotine Pouches

Available in 9, 12 & 15MG options

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Ultimate Convenience

Up until nicotine pouches hit the market, nicotine products had huge inconveniences. By ditching the smell and mess, FRĒ pouches give nicotine users the opportunity to enjoy nicotine wherever they are, whenever they choose. Whether you’re at work, enjoying an afternoon's relaxation or at a social gathering, nicotine pouches are highly enjoyable, effective, and completely in lock-step with your day-to-day plans.


Explore a variety of nicotine strengths including 9mg, 12mg, and 15mg with Fre. Discover high-impact options tailored to suit your evolving preferences.


FRĒ pouches offer the ultimate freedom in a discreet tin. This pocket-sized solution is perfect for those on the go who want a no-hassle, no-judgment option when it comes to nicotine intake. With a variety of bold or mellow flavors to choose from, you can find your perfect match. Whether you prefer the classic cool of Mint or the refreshing taste of Wintergreen, FRĒ pouches give you a convenient option without sacrificing quality or taste. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional nicotine products and hello to the freedom of FRĒ pouches.

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FRĒ’s “pre-primed” technology enhances the product experience.  We have spent years developing FRĒ’s perfected iteration to ensure unparalleled satisfaction, moisture retention and nicotine efficacy. With years of nicotine experience and information from thousands of users, FRĒ has built its procedure and produces quality and consistency. FRĒ’s optimization results in more perfected pouches to our customers. We are thrilled for each and every customer to enjoy the most optimized FRĒ pouch.


Save more when you subscribe FRĒ to monthly subscriptions. Available on Mint & Wintergreen 5-pack rolls only.


3 Strengths

FRE’s High Impact formula comes in 4 great flavors and 3 High Impact nicotine strengths – 9MG, 12MG and 15MG. Available in 20 pouch Tins.

Enhanced Moisture

Unlike many of the traditional nicotine pouches on the market, FRE’s pouches contain an enhanced moisture content. This pre-primed product feature allows both the flavor and the active ingredients to release through the pores of the pouch more efficiently.

No Mess

Unlike traditional tobacco products such as dip or snus, FRĒ nicotine pouches do not produce saliva, making it spitless and totally discreet.




"The best nicotine pouches out there by a long shot"

"FRĒ pouches are phenomenal, easily better than any Zyn or ON brands. The 15 mg lush is my new favorite. Reasonably priced and curiously strong, like Altoids with Nicotine. Love em."

"Immaculate product"

"I love FRĒ!! These nicotine pouches are flavorful and powerful!! I love how long they last as well. I recommend them to every pouch user I know."

"Sweetest Thing, This Side of the Sierra Mountains"

"Love them, these are my go-to nicotine pouches when I want to sit back and relax, workout or cycle. Sweet, makes my taste buds feel like they're on vacation."

"There really is no other pouch worth using"

"Excellent flavor, satisfying strength, and I haven’t used tobacco in 3 months! I don’t miss it at all with FRĒ! All flavors are great but you won't get tired of their mint nicotine pouch!!!

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