FRĒ Nicotine White Pouches


      FRĒ white pouches are made for those who what quality and quantity. Available in Mint, Mocha, Sweet, Lush, and Wintergreen, with five nicotine strengths - 3 mg, 6 mg, 9 mg, 12 mg & 15 mg - you can be totally FRĒ of compromise. Each tin contains 20 white pouches that use zero tobacco, but are packed with enough power for long-lasting satisfaction.

      6 products

      6 products

      All white nicotine pouches: The best high-strength, smoke and tobacco free alternative

      In a world full of compromises, FRĒ offers you an easy way to experience high impact all white nicotine pouches that come in a range of flavors. Here at FRĒ we’ve eliminated unnecessary filler ingredients and packed together premium ingredients to create the ultimate white tobacco-free nicotine pouches that you can enjoy virtually anywhere.

      With two strengths available in five delicious flavors: Wintergreen, Mint, Sweet, Mocha, and Lush - you can enjoy nicotine anytime, anywhere with no device necessary. Super discreet and easy to use. Simply slide a FRĒ white nicotine pouch under your upper lip, and you’re set for up to 45 min. It’s as easy as it looks.

      Small in size big in impact

      Ready for a high strength and long-lasting white nicotine pouch experience? FRĒ has got you covered.

      Smoke and hassle-free, our collection of all white nicotine pouches will provide nicotine satisfaction no matter where you go.

      Compared to other nicotine pouches on the market, FRĒ offers a balance of higher quantity and higher quality. After all, why should you settle for something that doesn’t meet your needs when you can FRĒ yourself from compromise. All pre-packed in small convenient pouches, FRĒ white nicotine pouches are made with premium materials, nicotine, sweeteners, water and flavors. It really doesn’t get any better than this! Choose your favorite flavor, your preferred strength and prepare yourself to be FRĒ.

      Discover the world of FRĒ

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