Mint Nicotine Pouches
Mint Nicotine Pouches
Mint Nicotine Pouches
Mint Nicotine Pouches
Mint Nicotine Pouches
Mint Nicotine Pouches

Mint Nicotine Pouches

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At FRĒ, we offer you the chance to buy in bulk so you can stock yourself up with your favorite oral mint nicotine pouches with a great value deal.

A deliciously crisp mint formulas, FRĒ Mint nicotine pouches provide a bold and powerful dose of nicotine with a fresh kick of cool mint.

Say goodbye to clunky, old-fashioned vaping devices. Take control of your nicotine with FRĒ. Available in a bold 9mg, 12mg, or more potent 15mg strength, FRĒ pouches will give you an extra kick with a variety of exciting options. In addition, this product is smoke-free, so it can be used anywhere - even where most nicotine products would be banned or socially unacceptable.

Buy your smokeless and hassle-free mint nicotine pouches today!

Ultimate variety and strength:  Nicotine pouches that make you feel MINT

What if you could be liberated from being reliant on traditional nicotine products, such as tobacco? What if you could have a smokeless and spit-free nicotine pouch in a tantalizing formula like Mint in a higher strength?

You can!

With FRĒ - The first and only premium, high-strength nicotine pouches in the world, you have the freedom to experience a variety of formulas in the highest strengths available. If you want variety, quality, and quantity, FRĒ is made for you.

Small but mighty: discover more power in every tin

For those who are looking for an alternative to inhalable nicotine products, we introduce our smoke-free and spit-free nicotine pouches. Now you can enjoy your favorite nicotine pouches anywhere and everywhere you go.

Convenient and discreet, FRĒ offers nicotine lovers easy-to-use nicotine pouches in a variety of formulas such as Mint, Wintergreen, Sweet, and Lush. These can be used anywhere - at home, at work, or even on the go! For those who want quality and quantity, we offer the best of both worlds with our premium smoke-free and spit-free nicotine pouches.

Compared to other nicotine pouches on the market, FRĒ Mint pouches have a balance of higher quantity and higher quality. FRĒ yourself from compromise with every nicotine pouch.

FRĒ’s new and improved formula is here.

We are pleased to announce our new and improved iteration of FRĒ.  FRĒ’s newest formula is powered by a patent pending Pre-Primed technology, which enhances the product experience. We have spent years developing and optimizing FRĒ’s newest iteration to ensure unparalleled satisfaction, moisture retention and nicotine efficacy. After two years of listening to our customers, we are excited to share our new and improved FRĒ offering with you.

Choose your strength

From 9mg all the way to 15mg, FRĒ oral Mint nicotine pouches are perfect for all nicotine users. Whether you just want a kick to empower your day or a raw burst of strength from a 15mg pouch, our mouthwatering Mint pouches are sure to freshen up your day and give you your nicotine fix.

If you are unsure which nicotine strength you should pick, don't hesitate to get in touch with us or simply try weaker variants till you find something you are personally comfortable with.

Product Specs

Available in: 9mg, 12mg and 15mg strengths

Size: 20 Nicotine white pouches/tin

Ingredients: Cellulose, Water, Xylitol, Propylene Glycol, Flavoring N&A, Nicotine, Tartaric Acid, E621 flavor enhancer, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium carbonate,
Hydroxypropyl cellulose, NaCI, Sucralose, Gum arabic.

A FRĒ Mint nicotine pouch will never let you down

A companion to any social event or group gathering, FRĒ oral Mint nicotine pouches are the ideal way to get your fix of nicotine while maintaining fresh, refreshing breath. Where most other nicotine products would be banned, nicotine pouches go completely unnoticed or even welcomed. For all those occasions where you could benefit from a bit of nicotine, FRĒ white pouches are quick, easy, smokeless, and highly convenient. You don't need anywhere to spit tobacco, an open-air place to smoke, or anything else. Simply pop one under your upper or lower lip and you're good to go for the next hour.

Cool down, rejuvenate, and reach your peak with minty freshness

FRĒ Mint nicotine pouches are the perfect partner for those days when you need a little extra kick to keep you going at full speed. The freshness of the mint flavor combined with a kick of nicotine is an ever-classic combination that will make you feel prepared and ready for whatever your day throws at you.

With each pouch lasting between 10 and 40 minutes - even up to an hour - they are perfect for those little breaks in between activities or when you really need to focus at work.

To comply with state law, we have restricted the sale and shipment of FRĒ products in the following states:

New Jersey
Rhode Island

+ these U.S territories

Puerto Rico

Be FRĒ with us

Discover the world of nicotine pouches with FRĒ. Order online for great deals and get free shipping on all orders over $40 within the United States.

Have any other questions?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the FRĒ team today. We’re more than happy to help, offer advice, or simply hear your feedback on our pouches. Send us your message here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will FRĒ Mint pouches last?

FRĒ Mint pouches will last anywhere from 30 minutes up to an hour, but most people discard them after 10-40 minutes. Each tin of FRĒ contains 20 nicotine pouches. The average person uses six pouches per day, so one tin can approximately last between 1 to 5 days, depending on how many you use each day.

What are the benefits of nicotine pouches over vaping?

Nicotine pouches are the smokeless, spit-free alternatives to vaping and smoking cigarettes. Different from vaping, however, you can get quality nicotine without the hassle of carrying around vape pens or charging, making them the ideal choice for on-the-go use. Additionally, since they are smokeless and spit-free, they can be used anywhere — including indoors! If you are looking to quit smoking, nicotine pouches can also satisfy your cravings but without all the drawbacks associated with tobacco, like smoke inhalation, teeth stains, and the smell.

Can Nicotine Pouches Expire?

One reason why nicotine pouches are hitting the world by storm is that they have a long shelf life. FRĒ nicotine pouches are made without plant-based materials, so they're very flexible in terms of storage and will last a long time before losing their power or potency. For example, the FRĒ Mint nicotine pouches usually expire around a year after production, giving you more than enough time to enjoy them. Even if they expire, only the nicotine effect and the flavor will be reduced, but they won't cause any additional harm to your body.

What are the risks of using nicotine pouches?

Just like any other nicotine product, there are some health risks associated with using nicotine pouches. While nicotine pouches may not be "healthy" for your body, they are still one of the least harmful ways to ingest nicotine since they contain far less tar and the other 7,000 harmful chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. That said, some side effects may include irritation of the gums, sore mouth, hiccups, and even nausea.

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Arthur T.
United States United States

Good taste

I like Fre for four reasons. It’s one of the few with 15 mg of N. I use mint and it has a good flavor that lasts for a couple of hours. The can is easy to open with just fingernails. The packs are small, so they don’t print a bulge.

Debbie N.
United States United States

Peppermint with a Pow!

A blast of peppermint goodness! Keeps your breath minty fresh!

Chrystal L.
United States United States

I like it

Good nice flavor worked well

Derrick M.
United States United States

Mint pouches

Great, love them!

Trish S.
United States United States

FRE mint

Like the 15mg no after taste thanks