Say goodbye to generic nicotine pouches and free yourself from compromise with FRĒ, more power in every pouch. A tobacco-free alternative to traditional tobacco products, FRĒ is a high impact and smokeless way to enjoy nicotine no matter where you are.

Convenient and discreet, FRĒ tobacco-free pouches with nicotine are mess-free and easy to use for smokers or existing nicotine users who are constantly on the go. What’s more, compared to other brands on the market, FRĒ has a balance of higher quantity and higher quality. Moreover, we offer a variety of delicious flavors to excite even the most discerning taste buds.

Available in 3mg & 6mg nicotine strengths

Introducing FRĒ Mega Tins - our new 100-count option providing not only the quality you love but the value you can appreciate. Available in lower nicotine strength options of 3 & 6mg’s, you now have to freedom to choose the potency level you desire.

Plus, every FRĒ Mega Tin will come with its very own travel tin - the perfect, portable solution for wherever life takes you.

9MG, 12MG & 15MG

FRĒ is high impact. Available in 9mg, 12mg & 15mg nicotine pouch strengths. High Impact means fast acting and long lasting nicotine.

Enjoy Everywhere

Enjoy spit-free high impact white pouches anywhere, anytime. Each tin contains 20 white pouches.

Zero Tobacco

FRĒ nicotine white pouches are not derived from tobacco and are made using tobacco-less premium grade nicotine.

For those who like power.

Made for the bold.

High-Impact Strength.

Tobacco Free Pouches That Satisfy Your Nicotine Craving: Smoke-Free, Spit-Free and Tobacco-Free

We understand many individuals want an alternative to traditional tobacco products, so we've created something for people like us who want quality and quantity. Our premium smoke-free, spit-free, tobacco-free nicotine pouches can be used anywhere and come in a variety of flavors and strengths.

Non-tobacco nicotine pouches serve as an alternative to traditional tobacco products. FRĒ is the premium tobacco-free alternative to cigarettes, dip, and vape. With FRĒ, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: Quality taste with enough power to satisfy!

Discover what it’s like to be FRĒ and buy premium tobacco-free nicotine pouches online today!

More power

More nicotine in every tin.

Compared to other brands on the market, FRĒ has a balance of higher quantity and higher quality. FRĒ yourself from compromise through more power in every pouch.

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